Introduction to Flameworking: Making Glass Beads  

May 11th & 12th (Saturday & Sunday), 9am–2:30pm

In this beginning workshop, students will learn how to make glass beads by melting a glass rod in a torch flame and simultaneously winding it onto a mandrel. After learning about studio set-up and safety we will view demonstrations to introduce you to the use of heat, gravity, centrifugal force to shape the molten glass. You will then use “soft” glass to build your own colorful beads. The class will alternate between demonstrations of pulling stringers, making twisties, mixing color, dotting, and other decorative surface treatments with plenty of work time for you to learn and make you beads. The glass will then be annealed in a kiln overnight.

On the second day, you will first learn how to clean your annealed beads and prepare new mandrels and then we will proceed through a series of demonstrations of decorative glass applications, enamel, silver foil, and encasement and color investigations alternating with hands-on practice and experimentation to improve your torch skills. All tools and equipment will be provided.


  • Wear only natural fiber clothing (cotton, wool, linen), closed-toed shoes, and socks. 
  • Bring a bag lunch.


Class size: 5 students (max)

Ages: 13 and up

Tuition: $260, Material pack: $30

Prerequisite: None

Instructor: Michal Ann Carley