BCGC Gallery Artists

Abby Gitlitz

Abby Gitlitz is a glass artist working with blown glass, stained glass, cast glass as well as painting on glass. She has been working in glass since the late 1980s when she first discovered stained glass in high school.  In 1997 she began to blow glass and has worked primarily with hot glass ever since. 

She founded the Bloomington Creative Glass Center in 2012. In addition, she has taught glass classes at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL, Delgado Community College, LA, Wet Dog Glass, LA, and Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington.

Anne Brahaum

Anne Brahaum, the owner and designer of Brown County Glassworks, has been mastering her skills in stained and fused glass for over 20 years.  She took stained glass classes in high school, and has loved working with the medium ever since.  A few years ago, Anne took classes in kiln forming and was instantly mesmerized.  She has been experimenting with the unlimited warm glass methods ever since.

She is committed to creating quality glass art that is unique and meticulously handcrafted using kiln forming methods, such as fusing, high firing, slumping and coldworking.  Anne enjoys discovering new and unique ways to showcase the enchanting beauty of glass by creating fused glass art pieces that are both beautiful and functional.  


Kelly Rauch

Kelly Wow has always had an eclectic mix of artistic involvement. She enjoys delving into unusual and obscure opportunities and really getting her hands dirty. She began blowing glass in 2015 as an apprentice for the Bloomington Creative Glass Center’s Great Glass Pumpkin Patch and discovered a fun and supportive community of fellow creative weirdos. She finds that the medium of glass suits her love of a challenge, and her desire to make a finished product quickly, and then move on to the next project, or try again to perfect her technique. Working with glass is always hot and fast and just on the edge of out of control; and paradoxically, it forces the artist to slow down the internal tendency to rush, and smooth out their movements in order to efficiently work with the molten glass to create a beautiful piece. Kelly has taken classes at the Bloomington Creative Glass Center, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Inspired Fire, and the Corning Museum of Glass Studio.

Kelly won a 2019 Individual Advancement Program Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission. You can find more about this project and her artistic journey at

Michal Ann Carley

After earning her MA and MFA degrees at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Michal Ann Carley was Curator of Art at the UWM Art Museum and Director of the NML Galleries and a professor of art and art history at Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin. While a painter for decades, she shifted to kilnformed and torchworked artglass in 2001 and began blacksmithing and sculpting in iron in 2009. Recently she relocated to Bloomington, IN where she and her partner maintain forging and fabrication, glass, woodworking, and teaching studios at Luna Song Designs.

Tomas Gregg

Tomas Gregg has been blowing glass for seven years. He has taken classes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Corning Museum of Glass, and Pilchuck Glass School. He makes his own work and shows it at the BGCG gallery. He has been a beginning glass blowing instructor for three years.