BCGC does not offer in-house repair services for glass unless the piece was made during a BCGC class. For all other glass repairs, we are happy to connect you with one of the glass professionals associated with the glass center, including some of our own staff. Please contact us to see whether your piece is repairable. Consultations are free. All repairs begin at $20.

Please email us with photos of your glass including part that needs to be mended, and something in the picture to indicate size. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will email you back with possible artists who might be able to do a repair on your type of glass.

Stained glass

  • Limited repair of copper foil stained glass.
  • For leaded glass repair, the closest repair shop is Classic Stained Glass Shop in North Vernon, IN.

Broken Blown Glass

  • If the broken piece of glass has a clean break and all of the pieces are there, if can usually be glued it back together with a specially formulate UV glass glue.
  • Broken glass cannot be remelted and reworked. Different types of glass are incompatible and we have no way of testing whether the glass you have will be compatible with the glass we use.

Broken fused glass

  • Fused glass can be remelted together again, though there might still be a visual reminder of the break even after it has been re-fused.