School Workshops

The Science of Silica program for student groups"The Science of Silica" program for student groups

Have a glass artist come to your classroom or organization. Perfect for groups of 10 or more students. We have one hour to half day workshops on the following topics:

  • The Science of Silica 
    How is glass made? What does it do? In this hands-on workshop, veteran glass artist Abby Gitlitz will show how artists work molten glass using everyday kitchen objects. Explore the science of glass blowing by becoming a glass particle and doing what glass particles do. Participants will get to try blowing “glass” with a straw and bubblegum and everyone will be able to make his/her own “glass” treat out of melted lifesavers.  For ages 6-13. All materials provided. Contact BCGC for more details.

  • Stained Glass
    We have all seen stained glass windows in churches and public buildings, but how is it made? In this interactive workshop students will get to try their hands at cutting glass just like the professionals do! Each participant will make a faux stained glass window out of paper and then help make a REAL stained glass window to keep for their classroom. All materials provided. Students will NOT work with sharp glass or any dangerous materials.  For ages 8-14. Contact BCGC for more details.
  • The History of Glass
    In the United States we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the studio glass movement when glass went from being a craft to being an art, but worldwide people have been working glass since the beginning of written history. Learn how the Egyptians used glass in their tomb art and how Romans discovered glass blowing. Medieval stained glass windows, decadent French luxury ware, German drinking glasses! Learn how glass got to where it is today. Access to a  digital projector is required.  For ages 15+.  Contact BCGC for more details.

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